I’m Prompto: Play With Me!

Prompto is a new game and machine learning experiment, powered by emerging AI technology.

3 min readOct 31, 2022

Welcome to Prompto!

Prompto is a fun, social game that you can play for free over Twitter (and soon other platforms) as well as a proof-of-concept, illustrating how off-the-shelf AI content engines can be used to create something compelling and exciting for a mainstream audience.

We, the three founders of Prompto, got inspired by the recent proliferation of AI content creation tools and wanted to make something that could help illustrate how compelling these tools could be once in the hands of content and format experts (that’s us).

The original concept for Prompto was conceived close to midnight on Wednesday, October 19th, less than two weeks ago, after “Promptopia”, an AI Content themed event at Union Square Ventures.

Only with new AI tools like Stable Diffusion and GPT-3 was it possible for a team of three to turn around something of this scale in this short amount of time.

It’s a wild world opening up right now and we couldn’t be more excited.


Playing Prompto is simple and fun, and requires nothing more than internet access and Twitter.

Every hour, on the hour, our @PromptoGame Twitter account launches a new game-thread with a tweet.

Each game consists of five images illustrating an answer drawn from a specific category. The Twitter account will update every sixty seconds, with a new image clue. Players must reply to the tweet with what they think is the correct answer. The first player to answer correctly will get a quote tweet from the Twitter account and “win” the game. Once all image clues have been tweeted, the game will reveal the answer, tell users who won, and show the clue prompt texts.

What makes the game so unique is that each Prompto image has been created in Stable Diffusion, a AI image creation engine, based on clues that have been created in GPT-3, an AI text generation tool. Put plainly, a computer has come up with the topics, the clues and created the vivid imagery, all without help from us. We did some housekeeping, but not much.

At times, the computer gets things right. Many times, it gets things hilariously wrong. But this is where the fun comes in. It’s up to each Player to interpret the images based on how the AI interpreted the text clues, without having access to the text itself.

It’s like a game of AI telephone with weird and surprising results.


We see Prompto as more than just a simple Twitter game, it’s an entirely new universe that AI has helped us create. We’ve used AI creative tools to make not only the logo but also video content which will continually support the game, creating an entirely fictional Game Show host (tentatively named “Prompto!”) as well as fictional sponsors and prizes.

An Exciting Upcoming Prompto Prize!

As we expand Prompto gameplay into other areas (other social networks, web and mobile apps, etc) we will continue to use AI content tools to expand the Prompto ecosystem, and games which can be played.

That’s right, Prompto isn’t just this specific game, but a suite of game ideas built around creating bite-sized interactive content with brand new tools and pushing them to their limits (and sometimes breaking them).

We’ll have a lot more over the next few weeks but for now, we hope you enjoy the game and share it with your friends and family.

I’m Prompto! Please play with me.

-The Prompto Team (Gavin Purcell, Kevin Pereira & Andrew Fernandez)

💻: https://www.promptogame.com/

🐦: https://twitter.com/promptogame

📨: Prompto@promptogame.com